Exhibition Recap: Jeongran Choi

Our first artist in residence at The Branch, Jeongran Choi brought with her, some painstakingly created works of otchil (natural lacquer) and enamel, however she also packed our small gallery full of tiny drawings, most of them gifts for anyone who stopped by to take home.

She hid little artworks in the corners of the tiny library, on shelves, and even in the bathroom. Visitors wandered into the gallery from the neighborhood, and from Turkey, Korea, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and elsewhere.

The final week of Jeongran Choi’s exhibition was filled with everyday beauty. Glad you could all join us and @myomyo_log #korea #japan #art #exhibition #osaka

Together we made drawing diaries, music instruments, coffee, herb teas, and shared ideas about what the truly important things are in this life an how we can work toward those things each and every day.

Jeongran hid little artworks all around the space at The Branch, including in our tiny library under the stairs!

Thank you Jeongran, for helping us see the beauty in everyday moments. Interestingly, it was sunny almost the entire time you were here, and your stay coincided with peak cherry blossom season (a super important and joyous time here in Japan) where nearly everyone including us went out to the park to enjoy sitting under the blossoms.

Artist: Jeongran Choi
Country: South Korea
Dates: 2018 March 23–April 1

More Images from Jeongran’s Residency


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