アメリカ出身の環境アーティスト、パトリック・ライドンと、 韓国出身の作家で植物採集家であるスヒ・カンによって創設された “THE BRANCH”は、日本の大阪にある、自然環境によるアートと表現方法を探求するスタジオです。

“THE BRANCH”には小さなギャラリーや自然のハーブ農園、 コミュニティカフェ、自然環境による表現方法を探求するためのラボといった空間があります。 私たちは定期的にワークショップ、フォーラムを開催し、アーティストらによる境界を押し広げるアート作品の展示を行っています。 これらはすべて、自然環境と我々が暮らすこの世界に、我々をより深く、 再び結びつけることを目的としています。

主催団体: NPO法人 Co.to.hana
物品サポート: おおさか創造千島財団




A Nature Mandala: Growing Seeds in a Shopping Mall

As much as we could—and albeit, it’s not much in a Japanese shopping mall—our experiment in engaging with holiday shoppers at MUJI this past weekend offered subtle notes: nothing is permanent, slow down, listen to nature, be closer to nature, play with nature, you don’t need to buy anything to do this.

Alicia Bay Laurel performs an acoustic live concert at The Branch in Osaka, Japan Alicia Bay Laurel Acoustic Live & The Real Sharing Economy

Alicia Bay Laurel is an American artist, author, and musician, well known for her bestselling 1970 book Living On The Earth, a notable guide for participants in the American back-to-the-land movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Having become good friends with Alicia in the past few years, we’ve starting making use of the real sharing economy together

Event Recap: Herb Tea Blending Workshop

Suhee has been happily working these days, to cultivate, wash, harvest, and dry herbs from several neighborhood gardens here in Kitakagaya. After some months of preparation, last Saturday we debuted the “Herb Tea Blending” workshop at The Branch.

Event Recap: Song for Summer Trees

On July 7, 2018, Korean musician BomNunByeol (봄눈별) joined The Branch’s Patrick Lydon (art film) for the premiere of their live music and film meditation concert.


Exhibition Recap: Heeyoung Park

Our second artist in residence, Heeyoung Park focused on some very introspective works, and in looking so closely at the self she inevitably brought to life observations about our connections with the nature and universe around us.


Exhibition Recap: Jeongran Choi

Our first artist in residence at The Branch, Jeongran Choi brought with her, some painstakingly created works of otchil (natural lacquer) and enamel, however she also packed our small gallery full of tiny drawings, most of them gifts for anyone who stopped by to take home.


Event Recap: Making Instruments with Trash

A nice sunny day met us for our first workshop here at The Branch, where we had two Turkish instrument makers guide us through uncharted territory, making musical instruments of things we found thrown on the street and in trash bins.