The Branch: Before & After

When we began planning The Branch project here in Osaka, we made a firm decision that we would design and build as much of it as possible ourselves. This was not just to contain our costs (although it did), but because we wanted to begin a transition away from our society’s over-reliance on industry and the capitalist mentality, and instead to engage in the spirit of smallness, regeneration, relationships, sharing, giving new life to old things, and just generally living lightly on the planet.

As a result, most of the materials used in this project were salvaged from old homes that had been torn down, and all of the work was done by our own hands and those of like-minded volunteers who are happy to build and enjoy an active community space together with us.

With that, here’s a look what has transpired here over the past five months…

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Construction Update – Week 9

Above is our week nine construction image collage… this week in Osaka we:

  • Finished some simple upholstery for the stools
  • Cut and fit the wall framing together for the gallery space
  • Plastered the framing (Thanks to Youngmi Kim for her plastering help!)

Construction Update – Week 8

Above is our week eight construction image collage… this week in Osaka we:

  • Tore apart the storage shelf under the stairway
  • Indented to build a better storage area under the stairway
  • Decided instead, to make the space into a cozy library, with a seat for one person, and storage under and beside the seat!

Construction Update – Week 7

Above is our week seven construction image collage… this week in Osaka we:

  • Got busy cleaning up the wood and walls in the entryway and kitchen
  • Applied a nice Kyoto Plaster to the entry wall, it’s beautiful and made from soil, sand, and wood dust!