Construction Update – Week 8

Above is our week eight construction image collage… this week in Osaka we:

  • Tore apart the storage shelf under the stairway
  • Indented to build a better storage area under the stairway
  • Decided instead, to make the space into a cozy library, with a seat for one person, and storage under and beside the seat!

Construction Update – Week 6

Above is our week six construction image collage… this week in Osaka:

  • Suhee was very busy making curtains out of old kimonos
  • We made a visit to the warehouse to find some wood for stools, and ended up finding something that, with a bit of work could be used outright as a stool… score!
  • More work for Suhee now, making cushions!


Construction Update – Week 4

Above is our week four construction image collage…

This week Suhee returned to Osaka and we had fun tearing off old paint from the soil walls and timber frame of the building, as well as finishing the table tops with a natural oil.