Building The Branch — Library

The tiny library here at The Branch was previously a dark storage closet, tucked under the staircase. Initially, we wanted to turn it into a ‘better’ storage closet. After sitting inside however, we had another idea…

Sitting under the staircase felt somehow cozy — maybe we felt like Harry Potter? So we re-thought our plan mid-construction. What a shame it would be to make another storage closet here! Instead, the diminutive space has been transformed into a one-seat library, which a fan from the United States affectionately dubbed the “Twig Library”. We like that name 🙂

Visitors to The Branch can enjoy sitting with a book and a cup of tea here, and Suhee still gets her material storage space. The seat top is removable, with ample storage underneath.

Book donations are also welcome, please contact us or visit us to see our request list!

この図書室は、以前は暗いクローゼットでした。そこを ’より良い’ クローゼットにしたかったことがスケッチから見受けられると思います。ところが中に座ってみると、どういうわけか居心地がよかったのです。ここにもうひとつのクローゼットをつくるのは残念!というわけで、ここは一人掛けの図書室に変わりました。本とお茶をもってお楽しみください。 本の寄贈も大歓迎です!

Photos from “Twig” Library at The Branch

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