Event Recap: Making Instruments with Trash

A nice sunny day met us for our first workshop here at The Branch, where we had two Turkish instrument makers guide us through uncharted territory, making musical instruments of things we found thrown on the street and in trash bins.

The group came up with guitars, flutes, marimbas, a hand-held drum kit, and a clarinet/saxophone like contraption.

Thanks to our friends at Air Osaka hostel for hosting such great artists, to all of our participants, and to our luthiers Melike Bozkurt and Erdem Temel for so kindly luthier sharing their warmth and skill and passion with us <3

Workshop Images – Making Musical Instruments from Trash

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  1. This put a big smile on my face! They are so qualified and talented instrument making artists! Lucky students! We should all repost this so they are given more opportunities!
    Annette Adams

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