Construction Update – Week 6

Above is our week six construction image collage… this week in Osaka:

  • Suhee was very busy making curtains out of old kimonos
  • We made a visit to the warehouse to find some wood for stools, and ended up finding something that, with a bit of work could be used outright as a stool… score!
  • More work for Suhee now, making cushions!


Construction Update – Week 5

Above is our week five construction image collage… this week in Osaka we:

  • Pulled the wall off the main gallery space, and re-enforced the siding with extra wood (thanks to architect Uni Park, visiting from Korea for her help!)
  • Mocked up new timber framing for the gallery wall.
  • Painted the upstairs walls (thanks to Youngmi Kim and Howard Wee)
  • Found some serious water damage and mold under the walls (yuck)

Construction Update – Week 4

Above is our week four construction image collage…

This week Suhee returned to Osaka and we had fun tearing off old paint from the soil walls and timber frame of the building, as well as finishing the table tops with a natural oil.


Construction Update – Week 3

Above is our week 3 construction image collage…

This week we found a good set of previously used lumber at the warehouse, cut it to size, sanded, oiled, and fit it into the gallery as a floor. Thanks to Howard Wee for his help this week!