Built and run by a small, diverse, dedicated group of volunteers, The Branch team works to cultivate social and ecological well-being through art, scholarship, and ecology.


Patrick M. Lydon (USA)
Art & Media

BA, Design, California State University San Jose
MFA, Art, Space & Nature, The University of Edinburgh

Suhee Kang (Korea)
Herbs & Farm

BA, Journalism, Sungkyunkwan University
Certified Herbalist

Lydon and Kang are an ecological artist team who, since 2011, have dedicated their lives to the study, practice, and dissemination of Japanese and Korean environmental philosophy, working with natural farmers, academics, artists, urban planners, educators, monks, and varied other practitioners.

The activities of Lydon and Kang are based in cultivating relationships between individuals and the natural environment, inspiring solutions for social and ecological well-being. Through their individual efforts, as well as their SocieCity collaborative, they work internationally across genres of installation art, film, and written word, having produced workshops, lectures, books, essays, and community gardens.

Support Team

Yasutaka Kaneda (Japan)

Youngmi Kim (Japan)
Operations Assistant

Tomo Yamamoto (Japan)
Assistant Residency Coordinator

Howard Wee (Malaysia)
Assistant Residency Coordinator

Advisory Board

Chris Fremantle
Environmental Arts Producer & Researcher
The Robert Gordon University, Scotland

Ikumasa Hayashi
Photographer and Arts Producer
Nagoya, Japan

Nova Jiang
Los Angeles, USA

Robin Lasser
Artist, Professor of Photography
San Jose State University, USA

Patrice Milillo
Arts Activist, Director at Art is Power
Los Angeles, USA

Isao Suizu
Professor of Design
Aichi University of Art, Japan

Carla Vitantonio
Social Activist, Author, Performance Artist
Italy & Cuba

Sponsors and Donors

Gallery Wall Sponsors
The Nature of Cities
Matthew and Patricia Emanski

Garden Donors
Kosuke Okamura, Nana Aomori, Jared & Monica Looser, Takafumi Inoue, Mary Cheung, Jaye and Janine Lydon, Syanne Cole, Jeongmi Na

Floor Donors
Patrice Milillo, Alicia Bay Laurel, David Billa, LightKim Quach, Heidi M Freni, Lee Yeon hwa, Dorothy Cheung, Mak Hoi Shan Anson, Tamiko Eto, Brian Jenkins, Brandon Lo, Yeji Cheon, Koh Anna, Lee Sang-Dae, EunSun Heo, Jaehee min, Nishiko, Michael and Ellana Gibbert, Lee Hwayoung, Valerie Hom, Larry Korn, Barbara J Harrison, Faye Hester Luong, Carla Vitantonio, Lim Juyoung, Kim Seung Mi, Mario Tapia, Sean Lydon, Ponti Manolides

General Donors
Janelle Carino, Michelle McGinty, Yunhee Cho, Su eon, An Ryuhyeon, Allison Palenske, Heeyoung Park Jeanneau, Kim Irani, Aaron Choate, Bill & Terry Jenkins, Minsoo Lee, Heejung Lee

Construction Assistants
Uni Park, Yukino Hanamoto, Dongjae Kim, Hirofumi Uchihara

Residency Partners
Air Osaka Hostel
Art, Space & Nature at The University of Edinburgh

Hosting Organization

In-Kind Support
Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka